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1. Feedstuffs And Ingredients In Animal Feeds : India is currently self-sufficient in livestock feeds and does not depend on imports. Instead, the country exports large quantities of solvent extracted meals, which are a major source of foreign exchange earning.

2. Cereals and Grains : Maize, sorghum and bajra (a type of millet) are commonly used in animal feeds. Wheat and rice are mainly retained for human consumption.

3. Cakes and meals : Commonly used commodities of this kind are soybean, groundnut, rapeseed, sesame and sunflower meals in poultry feed. In cattle feed, in addition to these meals, others such as cottonseed and copra are used as premium ingredients.

4. Feeds of animal origin : Meat-meal, fishmeal, bone-meal and dicalcium phosphate of bone origin are the common raw materials available for animal feeding. It is interesting to note that, with the exception of some bone-based dicalcium phosphate, the Indian feed industry does not use materials of animal origin in dairy cattle feed. This was not out of fear of any zoonotic problems but the result of deep-rooted beliefs that the cow is sacred and must therefore be vegetarian. Now even the use of bone-based dicalcium phosphate has been banned and mineral-based dicalcium phosphate is used instead.

Fishmeal and meat-meal were popularly used in poultry feed, but the increased production, improved availability and better awareness of soybean meal has led to its replacing fishmeal and meat-meal in most poultry rations. It should be mentioned that farmers have faced production problems owing to the bacterial contamination of fishmeal and meat-meal. The quality of fishmeal is also very poor.